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Norway’s largest housing developer

OBOS’ vision is to build the society of the future and, in doing so, fulfil housing dreams.

Our top priorities are to create satisfied members and customers, assume our eco responsibility, effectively manage assets, be the best in homes and banking and develop cities and communities.

OBOS is the largest housing developer in Norway and one of the largest in Scandinavia. OBOS engages in the development and sale of homes and properties, banking and financial solutions, property management, real estate brokerage and other forms of service production in the housing and property sector. The organisation is a cooperative owned by its 502,527 members that was established in 1929 to provide a solution to Oslo’s housing problems. All post-tax profits are reinvested in the organisation in order to achieve the goal to build homes for its members. The organisation is active in Norway and Sweden, has around 2,500 employees and is headquartered in Oslo.

Housing development

Housing development is the main activity carried out by the OBOS Group, which combines residential construction in Norway, Sweden and Denmark in a housing development division. In Norway, development activities are carried out through the companies OBOS Nye Hjem, OBOS Fornebu and Block Watne, while development activities in Sweden take place through OBOS Sverige and OBOS Kärnhem. OBOS sells homes through the OBOS, Myresjöhus and SmålandsVillan organisations.

Business management and consultancy services

Business management and technical consultancy services are core activities of the OBOS Group. Business management encompasses administrative and financial consultancy services, as well as collection and bookkeeping services for housing cooperatives and jointly owned properties, while technical consultancy services comprises engineering assistance for building owners for both residential and commercial properties.

Commercial property

All commercial property activities are organised through OBOS Forretningsbygg. This company invests in offices, shopping centres, business premises, hotels, hospitals and schools, as a result of which OBOS Forretningsbygg plays an important role in urban development projects.

Banking and real estate brokerage

OBOS Bank is a full-service bank with a focus on housing and property. The bank operates nationwide, but has a primary focus on the Oslo and Akershus region.

Shares and business development

The shares and business development division centres around business development, investments in start-ups and helping to consolidate OBOS’ role as a leading investor in the Scandinavian construction industry.

Digital services

OBOS feels strongly about digital development and has centralised its digital efforts in a separate division that is responsible for all digital communication, digital business development and marketing of the OBOS brand.

Social dividend

Over the past 90 years, OBOS has built an excellent reputation and is regarded highly by Scandinavians. The organisation’s strategy through the year 2026 is to donate up to ten percent of all post-tax earnings to community development in such areas as research & development and measures focusing on the climate, environment and development. In 2020, OBOS donated NOK 125 million to cultural, sports and environmental initiatives.